Tag Heuer

FLYoung worked with Tag Heuer to design, develop, survey, fabricate, ship and install a 50 state brand enhancement program at a well known North American

watch & Jewelry retailer. Signage is both illuminated and non-illuminated and utilizes Tag Heuers proprietary finishes and materials.  Sign types include; illuminated headers, light boxes and counter signage. In addition, incase pads were all wrapped on site with the company's standard leatherette.

Based on specific design requirements and applications, we have developed and made signs using various materials and processes.

For example, the sign on the left is a aluminum stencil cut sign. It is cut on our water jet from a 1/4" thick aluminum sheet and can be pin-mounted onto a panel or wall. The panel or wall provides the "color" seen in background. 

The center sign is made of 1/2" white opaque acrylic. In this case,  the background is etched with our CNC and the background is a separate thin inset of anodized aluminum.

The sign on the right is acid etched on a piece of 1/4"  

mirror-polished stainless steel.