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FLYoung has established a reputation for providing clients with innovative retail displays, fixtures and environments. Our focus is to differentiate your brand and merchandising strategy in a competitive marketplace while offering you unmatched service and value in the process.

We relish a good challenge--doing projects that others can't  and executing them with a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality craftsmanship--always with an eye toward the smallest details.

Our team of skilled designers, engineers and craftsmen work together to realize your project on time and in budget with excellent quality whether it be a custom installation or a production run. What's more, unlike other retail "brokers", we manufacture, your project in-house in one of our 3 tri-state facilities so we have complete control of all aspects and details.

Time is money. We understand that your schedules need to be met to prevent damage to your business and reputation. We will do whatever it takes to make your project time frame a reality.

We continue to find that creating value leads to lasting loyal partnerships with our customers.

"We continue to find that

creating value leads to lasting

loyal partnerships with

our customers"

Frank Young

Founder / President


Our History

Frank Young is trained as an Industrial and Graphic designer. For over 20 years he designed furniture, consumer products, Interior environments, signage and graphic programs across many industries. 

In the course of his design work, he developed an expertise on the development and management of brands and merchandising and the strategies supporting them. This was reinforced by the completion of an MBA degree.

Completing his pre--FLYoung experience were positions as Design, Development and Manufacturing Director at Dakota Jackson, a designer furniture manufacturer and Executive Director of Retail Construction at Royal Promotion Group, a retail display company.

The natural culmination of these experiences was the creation of FLYoung, a firm specializing in design, development and manufacturing of retail furniture, displays, environments, signage and merchandising materials.


Our Mission